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USA Basketball Summer CAmp

Take your game to the
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Trip Basics

AAU Sports is proud to announce cooperation with the leading NBA Summer Camp in the United States! AAU Sports is offering an opportunity for interested students to participate in Philadelphia 76ers basketball summer camp in 2019. The camp is for boys aged 9 to 17 years old . The 2019 summer trip in total is 11 days from July 12th to July 22nd  and will span over three USA cities: and will span over three USA cities: Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and New York City

Trip Highlights:

 – Workout with NBA Star
 – 6-day Intensive Basketball Camp with USA Coaches
 – Ivy League University School Tours
 – Cultural Trips to Washington D.C. & New York City
 – Complete English Immersion

early Registration -
49,000 RMB

Sign up before April 15th, and get a 10% discount!

Registration cost includes round-trip flights, hotels/camp housing, transportation, meals, private Ivy League school tours, guided tours in Washington D.C. & New York City, and visa reimbursement costs. 

Camp Introduction with NBA All-Star Ben Simmons

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Basketball Camp Basics

Beginning in 1985, the 76ers Camp is longest running summer camp in the NBA. Thousands of campers have flocked from 40 states and 50 countries to make the 76ers Camp their premier location for basketball skill development.

Campers develop key fundamentals on and off the court by learning cutting edge skills in a fun, positive and competitive learning environment. Campers will learn the drills that current college and pro players have used to elevate their game.

The 76ers Overnight Camp is the place to take your game to the next level. From basic fundamentals to advanced drills, the 76ers Overnight Camp focuses on all skill levels and abilities. Campers meet 76ers players, coaches and other NBA stars. The camp runs 6 days, 5 nights per session is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. 

The camp session runs for 6 days of teaching, fundamentals and skill development, as well as 2-3 games daily. 

The 76ers Camp is geared towards campers of all skill levels. Those campers wishing to improve a specific aspect of their game can choose individual instruction on a daily basis as one of their camp activities.

Here are some of the skills campers will learn:

1.  Ball Handling 
 – Learn how to protect the ball, set up plays, shake your defender, and drive to the hoop.

2.  Passing
 – Find assists and learn how to set up a play. Plus, we’ll show you how to reduce turnovers with smarter passes.

3.  Offense With and Without the Ball
 – Learn what to do with and without the ball.

4.  Shooting Technique
 – Find your shot or improve it during shooting clinics with the finest marksmen and shooting specialists in the NBA.

5.  Rebounding
 – Find out how to claim your space under the boards and learn what to do once you get there.

6.  Defense
 – Learn the ball-you-man Principle and how to play team defense.

7.  Character Development
 – Develop the social skills that make you a great player and leader on and off the court.

8.  Athletic Movement and Muscle Memory
 – Learn to improve your athleticism, balance and coordination.

Other camp details:
 – Individual instruction offered twice daily
 – Daily leadership and character building
 – 4 indoor and 8 outdoor basketball courts
 – Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
 – Recreation center with couches, TVs, video games, snack bar and 50-seat movie theater
 – Two campers per room (companion requests always honored when available)
 – College dining service all-you-can-eat healthy buffet style menu

Safety & Wellness

At AAU Sports, we understand the importance and responsibility of keeping your children safe and healthy, especially when traveling abroad. Thus, we have very strict rules and guidelines to ensure an enjoyable and safe trip for everyone. Here are the trip’s safety guidelines.

  •  Mandatory Nightly Check-in with Parent/Guardian
  •  Constant Chaperone Supervision (1 chaperone per 4 students), 24/7 coverage
  •  Detailed, Hourly Trip Schedule
  •  Provided Health Insurance for Every Student
  •  Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer Always On-Site During 6-day Basketball Camp
  •  Safe in Every Room for Students to Store Important Items (Passport, Monies, etc.)

Upon request, parents or guardians are allowed to accompany their children on the trip at their own additional expense. Arrangements for travel and housing accommodations with the group may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Details will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Ivy League University Tours

Following the conclusion of the basketball camp, AAU Sports students and chaperones will travel to visit and take a tour at the University of Penn and Princeton University. At UPenn, students will also have a private basketball practice with the coaching staff and tour the sports facilities and meet available basketball team members. School tours are designed with the schools to get the students comfortable with a top Ivy League American university atmosphere and ask any questions to our university tour guide.

Cultural Trips to Washington D.C. & New York City

To get the full USA experience, we will spend one and a half days in both New York City and Washington D.C.

Beginning the trip in Washington D.C., students will get a chance via a guided tour to see famous historical sites like the White House, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Students will learn about US history and see government buildings where the US Senate and House of Representatives meet and pass laws. 

At the latter end of the trip, we will spend our last two days in New York City. The NYC tour will include stops at the famous Times Square, the Empire State Building, NYC museums, Central Park and a visit to the NBA store and renowned Rucker Park basketball court. 

Full Trip Daily Schedule

Click the PDF link below to download the full detailed 2019 trip schedule from July 12th to July 22nd.

Travel & Visa Information

The trip will set off from Shanghai Honqiao International Airport, with a layover in Beijing, before flying to Washington D.C on the morning of July 12th. The return flight to China leaves via a direct flight from New York City’s JFK International Airport on July 21st, returning to Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport on the evening of July 22nd. AAU Sports with assist with booking of the flights as well as all other transportation while in the United States.

With the exception of US citizens, students (and parents or guardians) will be traveling on a B-2 travel visa to the United States. AAU Sports will support students with the visa process, providing an invitation letter outlining the purpose of the trip and detailed schedule of the itinerary.

We encourage parents of interested students to book an appointment at the US embassy or consulate to discuss any details around a B-2 visitors visa. To set up an appointment or to gather further information regarding visas, click on the link below.