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Here are answers to the most common questions regarding the basketball summer camp, travel, and safety. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact our trip organizer via email at patrick@aauallstars.com
When is the final deadline to sign up for the USA summer camp? The final sign up deadline is May 20th, and the early discount deadline closes on April 15th. Following the early discount timeframe, the full camp cost is 55,000 RMB. Early registration cost is 49,000 RMB. Once paid, will I receive a confirmation?  Yes, you will receive a confirmation message from our 3rd party partner website and/or receive a message from an AAU staff member. May I cancel my registration after I have already paid?  Registration can be canceled up until the May 20th deadline. Funds will be fully refunded minus a 10% registration and filing fee. Following the May 20th deadline, cancellations will not be refunded or credited. What do students receive as camp attendee? As a camp attendee, students receive an official 76ers camp reversible jersey, a camp handbook, a player evaluation, and a NBA certificate of achievement. Who will be the NBA star and guest speakers?  Current or ex-NBA players are generally not announced prior to arrival to keep an element of excitement and surprise for students. However, every camp week has a few speakers. The camp schedules NBA players and coaches that enjoy teaching students and can deliver a positive message. Do you offer group discounts? Yes, group discounts are offered to parties with 3 or more students. Contact our staff directly for more details. Can my child be assigned to the same room as his friend while at camp? Yes, when signing up, just list the name of his friend that he would like to room with. With a prior notification and request, roommates are always granted. What medical personnel is there while my child is at camp? There is a Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer on-site at the camp at all times during the week. What if my child has to take medication while at camp? Along with the Athletic Trainer, there is also a registered nurse at camp on-site at all times to treat campers or administer any prescribed medications. Who are the chaperones during the trip? How many students per chaperone?  Chaperones will all be trusted AAU coaches and staff members. AAU Coaches are all from the United States. There will be 1 chaperone for every 4 students to endure safety and accountability. At least one accompanying chaperone will also be fluent in Chinese to assist any students whose English language skills are still improving. Who is the staff at the camp?  Outside of AAU staff and coaches, there are additional counselors at the basketball camp itself. The camp counselors are college basketball players and coaches from all levels (high school, college and professional). What universities will my child get to visit during the trip? AAU will have school tours at both the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University. Both are Ivy League American universities and rank among the top in the world. Is the camp very competitive? The camp is meant to be competitive and fun. Upon arriving, students are assigned to leagues based on their age and ability level. To ensure everyone improves and gets a chance during games, each student must play at least half of the game and must start one game per day. What additional activities are available at the camp facility? Other supervised activities include swimming, ping-pong, paintball, an obstacle course, individual basketball coaching instruction, and a 50-seat movie theater. Where do the students sleep at camp?  Campers are housed in dorm rooms with another student of the same age. Staff members are spaced out along each floor to supervise. There are sinks, showers and toilets on each floor. Normal rooms hold 2 campers each, however there are a few rooms that sleep 5-6 campers for teams or groups attending the camp together. How are personal items secured while at camp? Each room has a safe to store personal or valuable items (monies, passport, etc.). AAU students can also give any valuable items to our staff to store and keep safe during the camp as well as during the rest of the trip. What is the phone policy during the trip? While at camp? During the basketball camp itself, cell phones must be kept in their rooms at all times. The effort is to maintain focus on basketball and interacting with other campers and staff. However, during the rest of the trip, students are encouraged to take pictures and videos of their experiences to share with their families back at home. What is the food menu like? The food at the camp is a healthy style buffet. There is a salad bar, sandwiches, pastas and other dishes available at all meals. Will my child need extra money while at camp? Yes, it is a good idea, as there is a snack bar/canteen that is open twice daily. Students may purchase drinks, ice cream, pizza, and other snacks. 76ers clothing items are also available for purchase on the first and last day of camp. Are parents allowed to visit the camp during the week?  To insure safety of the campers, parents (or guardians) are not allowed to visit the camp during the week as insurance regulations prohibit any guests. Will I be able to talk with my child throughout the trip?  Absolutely. Every evening (China morning time), there is designated time for students to call their parents (or guardians) to update them on their experience during the trip. Can parents (or guardians) accompany their child on the trip?  Parents (or guardians) are allowed to accompany their children on the trip at their own additional expense. Travel and housing accommodations may be available with the group, but cannot be guaranteed. Details can be discussed with AAU on a case-by-case basis. What visa will my child need to travel to the United States for this trip? What is the process to get the visa? With the exception of US citizens, students (and any accompanying parent or guardian) will be traveling on B-2 travel visa. AAU will support students as much as possible with the visa process. Parents of interested students are encouraged to book an initial appointment at their local US consulate (or embassy) to discuss all the documents and details. For further information, click on the link below. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas.html